Does Naruto Marry Hinata?


More than a few fans would love to see Naruto get married to Hinata. Some people assume that if Naruto were to actually become the Hokage like he wants he would marry Hinata and make her his ninja queen. That being said, Kishimoto Masashi has been quiet about his future plans. While he has said that he wishes to end the Naruto franchise in the future Naruto's and Hinata's relationship still hasn't been completely fleshed out. They might marry though Naruto could also end up choosing Sakura as well.
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'Naruto' finally marries 'Hinata' at the end of the story. Both these are fictitious characters from the Japanese anime, 'Naruto Shippuuden'. Naruto was developed by Masashi Kishimoto and revolves around 'Naruto Uzumaki' an adolescent ninja boy who strives to become the head ninja of his village.
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Nobody knows yet. The story isnt tht far Naruto is only 16 years old now soo could be a while till we know. I hope its Naruto :
Don't know where you got that idea.but sorry, right now Naruto is still completely unaware of Hinata's feelings for him. And seeing as they're only 15-16 years old anyway, they're
Naruto marries Hinata Hyuga, but they do not have
Yes, I also think Naruto should marry Hinata. I mean, Hinata has been looking up to Naruto. She is the first one who understood Naruto. In the past, she's been watching Naruto a lot
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In the last episode of the critically acclaimed animated Naruto series, Hinata does not marry Naruto . Naruto who only has eyes for Sakura dies in the last episode ...
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Hyuga Hinata is a 13-year-old female character from the Japanese anime series Naruto Shipudden. She has a crush on Naruto and is considered his secret admirer. ...
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