Does Norman Reedus have a girlfriend?


As of December 2012 there is no mention of actor Norman Reedus having a girlfriend or being married. Reedus has been in several long term relationships and has one child but has never married. He is best known for his role in The Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead.
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Norman Reedus was born January 6, 1969 in Florida. He is 43 years old. His latest movie is
We're sorry but no published detail on who is he dating. Norman Reedus stands 5' 10" He was born on 6 Jan 1969 in Florida. He was formerly a model for Prada. report this answer
Norman Mark Reedus January 6 , 1969 in Florida, USA
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Norman Reedus is a 42-year-old actor. He is known his for roles in 'The Boondock Saints,' 'The Boondock Saints II' and 'The Walking Dead.' He is not married. ...
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