Does Olive Oil Make Your Hair Grow?


Olive oil does stimulate your hair growth hence making it to grow faster. It is known to comprise some nutrients such as Vitamin E, niacin as well as biotin that are essential for the scalp. Ensure that you use the oil at least twice a week.
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1. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo. I like to wash my hair twice with shampoo to give it a healthy bounce. 2. Depending on how long your hair is, mine is pretty long, take
1 Put some olive oil in a bowl . It works better if it's warm. 2 Apply oil to hair . Very lightly dab the roots, getting heavier in application as you go down. 3 Wrap your hair in
here are some tips:eat your veggies, and fruits and stay away from sugar!take vitamin tablets, or capsules.dont use alot of heat instruments such as blow dryer or straightener or
The main reason hair turns gray or white is a lack of the proteins that provide the pigment for the hair. Heated olive oil applied to the hair may make it slightly darker, but its
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You can apply olive oil to your hair to provide nourishment, condition the tresses, improve elasticity and strengthen it. Olive oil contains powerful antioxidants ...
Olive oil can be used as a deep conditioning treatment for hair. After washing, massage a few tablespoons of oil int the scalp and hair and put the hair in a plastic ...
Castor oil is touted by many as a natural treatment for hair growth, however, there is no way to determine how long it makes a person's hair grow within a month. ...
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