Does Orange Crush have caffeine?


Orange Crush does not have caffeine. The primary ingredient in Orange Crush is water, followed by high fructose corn syrup. Although the beverage lacks caffeine, the beverage does contain 75g of sugar, which provides a fairly significant energy boost for most people. The energy boost, however, is short-lived.

Orange Crush is also formulated with both natural and artificial flavors. A 20 oz serving of the standard version of Orange Crush soda contains approximately 290 calories. There is a diet version of the product; it is calorie-free and also does not contain caffeine. The beverage is manufactured by the same company that makes Dr Pepper and Snapple products.

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How much Caffeine does Orange Crush have?
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Orange Crush has 190 calories per 12oz. serving. Orange Crush is caffeine free. It
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