Does Paint Dry Lighter or Darker?


Paint can dry lighter or darker depending on the ratio of pigment. Also flat paint will typically dry lighter while paint with a sheen dries darker.
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It depends on the quality of the paint. Higher quality house paints dry darker while paints made only for coverage and price tend to dry lighter.
It dries the same color. What is deceiving is that because it is everywhere, it seems darker! I have my clients pick a color and then buy the color that is one or two tones lighter.
Hey James, I would paint the longer walls the lighter shade bcs if u painted them the darker shade it would make the room look like a narrow, bowling alley, and I am assuming u want
Donna, Thanks for writing. It is really up to you. Usaually, if one wants the look of wood to continue into the door, then paint it the same as your woodwork or close to it. If you
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