Does peppermint oil repel rats?


While peppermint oil does deter rats, it does not repel them completely. Repelling them for any length of time requires a lot of oil and frequent replacement of stale oil with fresh oil.

The consensus among experts is that the only real way to get rid of rats is to make some changes around the home. Some of the suggestions for assuring that rats do not return are to locate and seal holes, ensure that food is sealed, take out trash on a regular basis and rinse recyclable containers before placing them in the recycling bin. Make sure that items which rats like to build nests, such newspapers and books, are organized and removed from areas that rats frequent.

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1. Measure 1 cup of water. Add 10 drops of either lavender or peppermint oil. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and shake vigorously to combine. The diluted herbal mixture works
Rat catchers use peppermint oil soaked rags to fill the rat holes. They then put down weasels down the remaining holes and catch the rats in nets. The oil will also deter cockroaches
Mice, rats, and ants all have a good sense of smell. Peppermint essential oil has a very strong odor and is overbearing for the pests. It is a great safe way to stop rodents and
Rats are pretty sensitive to mint oils because they have a strong sense of smell. By virtue of that, it becomes overbearing. Depending on the situation, peppermint oil can help remove
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