Does Perfume Go Bad?


Perfume does go bad, if it is not properly stored or has completed its shell life. When perfume that has gone bad its original small is replaced by an acidic odour, or it appears darker and thicker. Perfumes made from natural essential oils tend to last longer compared to perfumes made from alcohols, perfume oils and water.
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1. Look at perfume strength. Pure perfume has a stronger scent but doesn't last as long as an eau de toilette in the same fragrance. If you are looking for a longer shelf life, choose
Milk goes bad because bacteria grow rapidly in milk using the sugar as their food. As the sugar is consumed the milk becomes sour but is still edible (yogurt) but it doesn't stay
Yes, the scent of a perfume can change over time. The biggest culprits are heat and light.
I think sunlight...I had a bottle I kept on a window sill that went bad. The bottle I have now is about a year old, it's still good. (I keep it in the
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