Does Pickle Juice Help for Drug Tests?


There are many urban legends in the world about drug tests. One of the more popular is drinking pickle juice to mask drug results. The truth is, these do not actually work and the drug results will come back no matter what you try.
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Pickle juice and other juices don't help you pass a drug
My nephew has tried everything that others had said has made them pass drug tests. Nothing has worked for him. He fails them and some even knew he tried to alter the test by taking
Not Medical Advice: The best way to pass a drug test is to not take the drugs you're being tested for.
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Drinking cranberry juice will not help to pass a drug test. Neither will copious amounts of water or products that are advertised to help pass a drug test. The ...
No, pickle juice will not help you to lose weight. The pickle juice is loaded with sodium that will actually make you retain water and bloat. ...
It is a myth that cranberry juice will help you to pass a drug test. Cranberry juice is a diuretic and will to cleanse your body, but it won't get rid of THC. ...
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