Does Pluto have craters?


Pluto, a dwarf planet, is subject to impact from cosmic material, which is the cause of planetary "craters." Pluto, however, is not close enough to Earth for modern imaging techniques to specifically identify these craters. They are assumed to exist.

Given Pluto's immense distance from the Earth, it is difficult to obtain high-resolution images of its surface. While craters are presumed present, the photographs necessary to confirm their presence would have to be taken from a nearby space probe, an action not yet undertaken. Interplanetary probe New Horizons was launched in 2006 with a course track to pass by Pluto on July 14, 2015. Photos from this probe have the potential to confirm the existence and nature of craters on Pluto.

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Scientist have not yet calculated the craters on Pluto.
Nobody knows the answer to this question. We have only the vaguest images of Pluto's surface, vague light and dark shapes. Pluto probably has craters, but we only know this because
That is still unknown even to astronomists
Im trying to figure this out too, man. Its really HARD!!! Anonymous
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