Does Polyester Shrink in the Dryer?


Polyester does not shrink in the dryer. This is a man-made fabric which has been designed to resist wrinkles, shrinking and even stretching. It is often blended with other materials like cotton and this may make a garment more susceptible to shrinking.
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Polyester is not supposed to shrink.
1. Prepare all polyester garments for washing by checking any and all clothing pockets for loose change, wrappers and other unwanted items. Forgetting to remove these items from pockets
1. Turn the garment inside-out. Before washing or drying the garment, you should turn it inside-out to prevent the colors from fading. While polyester has a resistance to both fading
It will shrink, but you never know if it will shrink uniformly. It might shrink in length, but not width or the other way around. There is no guarantee when you try to shrink fabrics
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Polyester can shrink in the dryer if constantly exposed to very high heat. It is best to dry polyester in low to medium heat to prevent the shrinkage. If you are ...
Polyester is difficult to shrink as it is a synthetic material. However, you can heat it in really hot water, or in the oven to make the fibers mold together ...
The hot air in the dryer or the heat in it causes more shrinkage than hot water in the washer. Washing in warm, not hot water, and then hanging the clothes out ...
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