Does Preparation H Get Rid of Wrinkles?


Preparation H does remove wrinkles on the skin through the action of a yeast extract called BioDyne though this ability is claimed by the manufacturer and not an independent source. Preparation H is not any one product but a range of products that has been in continuous production since 1935.
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Ingredients The American brand of Preparation H was reformulated years ago and the ingredient called Bio-Dyne or live yeast cell derivative (LYCD), which is the ingredient in Preparation
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Preparation does more that just destroy hemorrhoids, it does in fact help to get rid of wrinkles. The live yeast cell derivative named Bio-Dyne is found in the ...
Check the ingredients. At one time, Preparation H contained ingredients called Bio-Dyne or Live Yeast Cell Derivative and shark liver oil. Those ingredients, some ...
Preparation H works on wrinkles in a very short term by tightening up the skin where it is applied. This product should be applied in a small amount to the area ...
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