Does Rain on Your Wedding Day Have Any Meaning?


An engaged couple may worry about rain falling on their wedding day. A myth exists that such a weather event the day of a marriage means the couple will be childless and experience many tears in their future together.
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According to many superstitions, rain on your wedding day means good fortune for the bride and groom. Instead of thinking of rain as a disaster, consider it is a sign indicating a great marriage.
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Many superstitions say it's bad luck if it rains on your wedding
It means no gifts just cash in an envelope.
The rain drops are supposed to be the last tears you'll ever shed over love or it could be the tears you will shed through your marriage! Good Luck and Congratulations on your Wedding
The weather is a natural phenomenon, will not affect the marriage, the key or two people continue to love like marriage as conjugal love will do. Ha ha.
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