Does Rayon Shrink When Washed?


Rayon normally shrinks when washed and may also stretch and possibly remove the dye in it. However, you can hand wash the rayon using hand wash detergent and cold water and handle carefully.
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Regular rayon has low wet strength, resulting in loss of stability or the tendency
1. Place the rayon or Lycra in the washing machine. Do separate loads for lights and darks. Add a gentle laundry detergent using the amount recommended by the manufacturer. 2. Wash
They should not shrink if you follow the washing and drying instructions on the garment.
You wash it.
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How to Wash Rayon Fabric
Rayon is a fabric commonly used in apparel and home furnishings, but it requires extra care relative to the laundering process. Regardless of the care, many people opt to wear rayon because it is inexpensive, comfortable and extremely lightweight making... More »
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