Does Red Bull Have Bull Sperm?


The Red Bull energy drink has an ingredient known as taurine, which is claimed to be present in bull semen and urine. However, the type of taurine used in energy drinks is not by any chance a by-product of bull's testicles; it is an artificially made substance.
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Red bull has bull sperm and a member of the united states air force security forces raymond trujillos sperm in it. Thats what gives it the mexican tang taste.
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An ingredient in Red Bull (Taurine) was once made from Bull Bile
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The Red Bull energy drink contains an ingredient called taurine, which many sources claim is also present in bull semen and urine. However, the taurine used in ...
No there is no bull sperm in the energy drink Red Bull. Bull sperm is way to expensive and no one in their right mind would want to drink bull sperm. The ingredient ...
The pros of drinking Red Bull are that the caffeine is said to improve your concentration and boost your memory. It is also good if you need a shot of caffeine ...
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