Does Reggie Miller Have Children?


Some claim that Reggie Miller has three children though most claim that he has none. He was an NBA player for the Indiana Pacers. He was married for 9 years to model Marita Stavrou, though they didn't have any kids.
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Reggie Miller is 46 years old (birthdate: August 24, 1965)
1. Shoot the lights out. Reggie Miller was a deadly shooter, but he did not have classic form. He perfected his shot to the point where it was repeatable and he had a quick release.
the United States
Reggie Miller of the NBA was born August 24, 1965 making him 45 years old.
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Reggie Miller was married to Marita Stavro for eight years before getting a divorce in 2001. Since his divorce he has made a few headlines for his promiscuous ...
Reggie Miller does in fact have kids. He actually has three. Reggie Miller is best known for being an American professional basketball player. He played with the ...
Reggie Miller, the now retired basketball player, was married to Marita Stavrou until 2001. As of 2012, he isn't married or hasn't made it public if he is married ...
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