Does Rice Go Bad?


Rice can go bad over time but it will generally have a very long shelf life if it's stored properly. Uncooked white rice will last longer than uncooked brown rice. If it smells bad, throw it out.
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1. Look at the rice. Sift through the rice to see if there are any maggots or insects in the rice, which is a sure sign of spoiled rice. Spoiled rice can also be discolored. 2. Smell
Cooked rice get bad after 2-3 days. For 2-3 days rice should be kept in refrigerator. If it is kept in open air it will get bad one the very same day.
Milk goes bad because bacteria grow rapidly in milk using the sugar as their food. As the sugar is consumed the milk becomes sour but is still edible (yogurt) but it doesn't stay
If properly stored milled rice will last indefinitely; kept dry and prevented from absorbing
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