Does rubbing alcohol melt ice?


Rubbing alcohol does melt ice. A mixture of one part rubbing alcohol and eight parts warm water is especially effective.

Rubbing alcohol and warm water work well together because the warm water helps melt the ice with its high relative temperature. The melting temperature of ice is zero degrees Celsius. The rubbing alcohol ensures the melted ice does not refreeze. This is because the main ingredient in rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, has a melting temperature of minus 89 C. The mixture of melted ice and rubbing alcohol has a freezing temperature of below zero degrees Celsius. The exact amount below zero C is determined by the ratio of rubbing alcohol to water. In very cold climates more rubbing alcohol per part warm water is needed.

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1. Brush all of the snow off of your windshield to get down to the ice. 2. Pour an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol over your windshield. Start at the top since the alcohol will flow
rubbing aclohol contain isopropyl alcohol. The formula CH3CHOHCH3. The OH rupture the bond in ice thus making it melts faster.
Ice melts in anything that is above freezing temperature. Even if you put it in super cold water, it will still eventually melt. Ice will turn into water.
The ice draws heat from the warmer alcohol inducing the ice to melt. The
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