Does Sandra Bullock have children?

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Sandra Bullock has one adopted son, Louis
Sandra Bullock won the Academy Award as best actress for her 2009 film The Blind Side. Bullock had been a Hollywood favorite since starring as Keanu Reeves's plucky love interest in the 1994 bus-gone-crazy film Speed. The film's success made her... More>> · More images »
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She recently adopted a baby son, named Louis. She also was stepmom to husband Jesse James' children before he had the affairs. Embed Quote
Sandra Bullock is married to an actor named Jesse James
instrumental in obtaining custody for her husband of the three children, showing the court that he now had a stable marriage and she would care for them. That is in question now
She has one younger sister.
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Sandra Bullock married Jesse James in July 2005, and the marriage ended in divorce after Jesse James affair with Michelle McGee, a tattoo model, was publicized in tabloids. Sandra Bullock, now a single mom, revealed on the television show "The View" that she is considering having another child; however, she did not specify during the interview if she wants to adopt another child or carry her own child in the future.

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