Does Shisha Have Nicotine?


Shisha is similar to a hookah, but differs in taste. That is because Shisha has flavored tobacco that is smoked through the pipe. Since Shisha has tobacco in it, it has nicotine present as well. The amount of tobacco is highly concentrated and thus, the level of nicotine is high as well.
Q&A Related to "Does Shisha Have Nicotine?"
it depends on the tobacco but the usual ammount is 0.5%
It would depend on the shisha itself, some products contain no nicotine while others
Hookah tobacco as I know it is typically additive-free and contains a 0.05% or less nicotine content level. Original hookah tobacco brands sold in the U.S. imported their tobacco
Start at a local smoke shop for that help. If they don't carry it perhaps they can special order it for you. If that fails then ask for some leads on obtaining it. Having a beer.
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