Does Skype cost money?


Skype to Skype calls are free regardless of whether they are computer to Skype mobile, Skype mobile to Skype mobile or computer to computer. There is however charges for calling mobile numbers or landlines and the charges vary depending on where you wish to call.
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Skype is free to download, and free to use if your are making phone calls from one computer to another. The rates for calling mobile or land lines vary, but are usually cheaper than
Skype is available in several forms. Perhaps the most popular is as a downloadable, desktop software available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Skype is free to download and works on most
Skype's freemium rate (minutes called for free for every minute paid) ranges between 7 and 8.5 depending on the quarter. There's a path of customer intimacy that starts with trying
It is completely free of charge unless you are going to use it for phone calls then it will cost a bit for each phone call. But video chats are free.
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The Skype program itself is a completely free download and does not cost anything to maintain. However, Skype does offer calling plans for use with both landline ...
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