Does smoking help you lose weight?


While smoking cigarettes is not directly linked to weight loss, it is an appetite suppressant, according to Science Now. The publication cautions that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer and heart disease, which makes smoking an inappropriate tool for weight loss.

Nicotine is responsible for the appetite suppressant qualities of cigarette smoking. NPR explains that nicotine activates a pathway in the brain that reduces the body's cravings for food. As the smoking itself is not the suppressant but rather the nicotine, technically any product containing this substance limits one's natural appetite. A smaller appetite generally results in weight loss, leading some individuals to consume nicotine exclusively for this purpose.

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Evidence seems to suggest that smoking cigarettes causes an increase in
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Well, exercise helps you to burn of the extra fat and calories you ate throughout the day. This extra fat builds up, you have to GET UP AND GET ACTIVE! Hope that answers your question
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