Does Smoking Oregano Get You High?


Oregano is usually used as an herb when cooking different dishes. It has a great scent. Smoking oregano will not get you high, and should not be done. It can damage your lungs and will deplete your body of oxygen.
Q&A Related to "Does Smoking Oregano Get You High?"
You can't get high from smoking oregano, it contains no psychoactives. The only effects you'd get are from smoke inhalation/oxygen deprivation.
Smoking oregano does nothing to a person. It does not make them hig...
What Happens Immediately. Once you put out your last cigarette, the nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes are still working in your system, however, they will begin to subside.
When flowers appear, oregano is ready to harvest. Picking of leaves during growth prevents flowering. It doesn't have chemical that will make you high.
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