Does Soap Kill Bees?


Yes, soap can kill bees, but it can be hard to do. The soap cuts through the waxy protection the bees have and allows the water to drown them. Though, if you don't get them all coated at once, the others can sting you.
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1. Prepare a soapy solution in the spray bottle by adding 1 cup of warm water and 2 tablespoons of soap. You can use dish washing soap, but many types of soap will work. 2. Shake
1. Consider whether it's possible to trap the bee. Before you try to kill the bee, is there a possibility of catching it in a container and setting it free? If you have a small, lidded
In some countries or states bees are a protected species. This is in recognition of the importance of bees in ecology and because they are under enough threats already without us
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