Does Soda Go Bad?


Yes, soda goes bad. All soda produced has an expiration date on the package to indicate how long it will last if unopened. Once opened, the soda will eventually become flat.
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The number one problem with soda as far as health is concerned is the extremely high amount of sugar in it. Another problem is the high number of preservatives and artificial colors
1. Wash, rinse and thoroughly dry the airtight container. 2. Leave it open in a warm, dry place for 24 hours to ensure that any remaining moisture has evaporated. 3. Empty the packet
Soda is a mixture of special syrups and carbonated water. Soda "goes bad" when, in a nutshell, there is little to no carbonation left.
These are my favorites: Coke (Cherry Coke) Sprite (Shirley Temple) Lemonade (not a soda, but often in soda fountains) Ginger ale (variation of the Shirley Temple) Embed Quote
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