Does Spanish Fly Work?


Spanish fly does work and perhaps it is the most famous of all aphrodisiacs. It is made from the residue of dried beetles called Spanish flies (Cantharis vesicatoria). Experts caution that abuse of Spanish fly can cause serious medical problems.
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Spanish fly is an emerald-green blister beetle that is found in the Southern parts of Europe. The dried body is crushed and ingested by women to increase libido.
Definition Spanish fly has been rumored to act as an aphrodisiac, and supposedly contains chemicals that provoke sexual desire in women. Its main ingredient comes from the emerald
Contains cantharides. Called also Cantharis vesicatoria (syn. Lytta vesicatoria).
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Spanish fly is actually the most famous reputed aphrodisiac of all. However, experts warn that abuse of Spanish fly may lead to severe medical problems. Aphrodisiacs ...
The Spanish fly is a bright green to green beetle that belongs to the family Meloidae. It is scientifically referred to as Lytta vesicatoria. The Spanish fly is ...
Spanish Fly is a green beetle that comes from the family of Meloidae, Lytta Vesicatoria. It is often dried, crushed and ingested by people to increase libido. ...
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