Does spinning make your legs bigger?


According to Women's Health Magazine, spinning, or indoor cycling, can create bigger leg muscles. The magazine explains that spinning helps bulk up the thighs so much that some women no longer fit into their jeans. Spinning can also help burn calories and tone the body overall.

Spinning is an outstanding form of cardiovascular exercise; It builds up endurance and also makes the legs stronger over time. As time progresses and stamina increases, it is important to increase the resistance-level to gain even more muscle mass. This form of exercise burns hundreds of calories every hour and boosts the metabolism. In conjunction with eating right and other forms of exercise, it leads to a fit body.

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Five exercises aid this functions. These exercises are the squat, dead-lift,
Running helps get you into shape. If you eat big legs do some squats and other leg work outs.
Sqauts, lunges (weighted slightly), flutter kicks, and calve raises for the calves. Running also build muscle in legs. Don't forget to eat a lot of protein!
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