Does Sprite Have Caffeine?


Sprite is a carbonated soft drink that does not contain caffeine. It is a clear soda with a lemon-lime flavor. Sprite is produced by the Coca-Cola company.
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it doesnt.
A cup of green tea contains between 15 and 30 milligrams of caffeine. If you are looking for less caffeine, try white tea or herbal tea.You can find more information here:
Caffeine is a chemical naturally found in cocoa nuts, coffee beans and tea leaves. Most people ingest caffeine from coffee, tea, colas and chocolate, but it is also found in energy
Sprite is a transparent, lemon-lime flavored, caffeine free soft drink, produced by't-sprite-...
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Sprite contains no caffeine, though do not take this as a cue that it is good for you. Sprite still contains many chemicals and other things that are in other soft drinks that are not so good. Including of course lots of sugar. Enjoy in moderation.
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Many companies offer caffeine free varieties of their sodas. Sodas that are always caffeine free include Sprite, 7Up, A&W Root Beer, Crush, and more. ...
Sunkist has a small amount of caffeine. There are some sodas that do not contain any caffeine. Coca-Cola makes a caffeine free soda. Sprite, 7-Up, and Sierra Mist ...
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