Does Stainless Steel Conduct Electricity?


Stainless steel conducts electricity just as most metals do. Its ability to conduct electricity is dependent on the amount of chromium coating. Copper is however considered to be the most appropriate metal for electrical conductivity.
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Copper at room temperature (300K) is 5.8e7 [1/Ohm/m] 304 SST at room temperature (300K) is 9.8e5 [1/Ohm/m] This pdf lists resistivity=1/conductivity of various materials as functions
The conductivity of 304 stainless steel wire is
Early kettles were made of copper and nickel. Early electric kettles featured metals such as copper, nickel and chrome-plated copper. Stainless steel kettles first appeared in the
Its Copper. Of the metals commonly used for conductors, copper, has a high conductivity. Silver is more conductive, but due to cost it is not practical in most cases. However, it
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