Does sugar dissolve in hot or cold water?


Sugar dissolves faster in hot than in cold water. This happens because in hot water, there are faster moving molecules that are able to spread further apart than the molecules in the cold water. The bigger gaps between the molecules allow more sugar molecules to fit in between.
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Sugar dissolve more readily in hot water than in cold water because the molecules in the hot water are spread out so the sugar can fit in the space easier. The cold water molecules
In chemistry, when one substance is dissolved in another, the result is called a solution. The substance being dissolved is called the solute, and the substance it is dissolved into
The particles in hot water are vibrating faster, so the sugar particles are colliding more often, the effect is that the sugar particles dissolve faster.
hot water molecules are moving faster than cold ones. try stirring sugar & room temperature water at a slow takes. longer than if you did it at a higher speed.
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Sugar normally dissolves faster in hot water due to the fact that energy is abundant and it facilitates the movement of molecules and makes them spread further ...
Water molecules break bonds and insert themselves between sugar molecules, causing sugar cubes to dissolve in water. The positively charged oxygen ions in water ...
Solids dissolve faster in hot water than in cold water because the added heat increases the kinetic energy of the molecules, allowing them to react more quickly ...
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