Does Sure Gel Work to Pass a Drug Test?


Trying to use chemicals to mask the result of your drug test is illegal and can have severe consequences. Some people claim that Sure Gel has helped them to pass a drug test but there is no scientific proof that the gel was the reason for passing the test.
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Answer The first thing you do is to see if they're using the "drug panels," which are little cards that have chemical-soaked paper stuck to them, or a Gas Chromatograph/
ok what you do is get a thing of jelo it doesnt have to be sure jell just jelo but the powder and get something to drink i use gatorade mix it together and drink it about 15 to 30
Appoarently if you drink it 5 minutes prior to the drug test, it should
<http://blog.globalsafetynetwork. com/?p=867> says, "At this juncture, claims about Sure Gel as a means of masking drugs in urine seems to be a case of much ado about nothing
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