Does Taylor Swift Smoke?


Yes, apparently she does smoke. She was seen smoking in a video that was previously on YouTube. Many say that she smokes Lucky Strike cigarettes.
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Taylor Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. She was born on December 13th 1989. She released her first debut single "Tim McGraw" in 2006.
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Taylor Swift is a well known musician. How tall is Taylor Swift? She is approximately 5' 10. Her birthday is December 13, 1989. Taylor Swift started writing songs when she was only
Because Smoking is bad and no one should ever smoke because you will DIE!! Hope i helped :)
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Taylor Swift, a very popular singer and songwriter, is 21 years old. She will be celebrating another birthday on December 13, 2011. ...
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Taylor Swift's birthday is December 13, 1989. As of December 2, 2012, Taylor is 22 and about to be 23 years old. ...
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