Does Tea Tree Oil Get Rid of Scabies?


Scabies is caused by a tiny mite that is transmitted from human to human. While tea tree oil can help alleviate the fierce itching, it may not kill the little varmints and some individuals are allergic to it. If you suspect scabies, get advice from a medical doctor for treatment and thoroughly wash all linens with hot water and bleach.
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1. Put one drop of tea tree oil on the MRSA boil and cover it with a Band-Aid. 2. Repeat this application two to three times a day. Do this until you start to see results. 3. Draw
It varies, not all warts are equal, from about two weeks to two months.
A topical mixture of natural vitamin E mixed with tea tree oil
i have some of that in a tube, and its not really effective :/ i think it just depends on your skin type.
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