Does the Band Perry Consist of Steve Perry's Children?


Band Perry is an American band that specialises in country music. The band Perry consists of Steve Perry's children. The children are Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry.
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Steve Perry is probably best known for lead vocalist in the group Journey. ChaCha all night with us!
Steve Perry left Journey in 1998 after a hip injury. He didn't want to rush into surgery, and his bandmates wanted to get the show on the road; the pressure from Neal Schon and Jon
I've wondered about him off and on too...God, was he hot! And that VOICE!!! (I'm feeling all warm & fuzzy inside
Perry left Journey because he wanted to start a solo career. Journey disbanded in 1987.
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No, The Band Perry are not Steve Perry's kids nor are they related to the former lead singer of Journey. The Band Perry consists of siblings Kimberly, Reid and ...
As of December 2012, Steve Perry does not have any children. Perry is famous as the lead singer of the band Journey. Perry has had several solo hits as well. ...
Steve Perry is known for being the lead vocalist in the band Journey. This band was created in the late seventies. Their music is still played on the radio today ...
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