Does The Band Perry consist of Steve Perry's children?


The country group The Band Perry consists of three siblings, none of whom are of any relation to musician Steve Perry. The Band Perry is made up of Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry and Neil Perry whom hail from Greenville, Tenn.

The Band Perry got its start in 2005 when it joined a Face of Country tour that year. They were discovered by Bob Doyle, manager of Garth Brooks, in 2008, and in 2009 they signed with the record label Republic Nashville. They have since had a number of hits including "If I Die Young," "All Your Life," "Postcard from Paris," and "Better Dig Two."

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Steve Perry is probably best known for lead vocalist in the group Journey. ChaCha all night with us!
He didn't leave Journey, Journey left him. He was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease and couldn't perform in their 1996 comeback tour which caused it to be cancelled. Perry
I've wondered about him off and on too.God, was he hot! And that VOICE! (I'm feeling all warm & fuzzy inside now.
Perry left Journey because he wanted to start a solo career. Journey disbanded in 1987.
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As of December 2012, Steve Perry does not have any children. Perry is famous as the lead singer of the band Journey. Perry has had several solo hits as well. ...
Steve Perry is not married and never has been married. When asked he always replied that he was married to his career. Perry was the lead singer for the band Journey ...
The American rock band, Journey was formed in 1973. In 1982, Steve Perry, one of the members decided to pursue solo projects and he was replaced in 1998. He quit ...
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