Does the Conditioner That Comes with Revlon Hair Dye Come in a Bottle?


Yes, the after-color conditioner comes in a small fluid ounce bottle when you purchase the revlon hair dye. The revlon hair dye kit will also include the colorant, cream color developer, and gloves.
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Was it Clairol Complements? It has a semi-permanent in a purple tube. If it was you can find them at any Sally's Beauty Supply.
I totally know what you mean! I love that conditioner!!!! As far as I know you're not able to buy it like normal conditioner I'm afraid :( Although they do give you more now, used
Go to a beauty supply Sally's. They sell them there. They sell the hair color seperate from the "after-coloring" conditioners, so that you can go & just
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If you would like to use the after color conditioner that comes in the Revlon color silk packages, you will need to purchase the hair color. You can check at Sally's ...
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