Does the LG Env2 Cell Phone Charger Fit the LG Env3 Cell Phone?


Yes, the LG Envy 2 cell phone charger will definitely fit the LG envy 3's cell phone charger. You can use either one or the other on either cell phone.
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1. Look over the LG cell phone charger. Check for any tears or other damage to the device. If you see any, the charging problem is most likely with the charger and not the cell phone
There is no date of discontinue listed for the LG enV2. However you can
On the back of the LG enV3, there's a small hole at the top on the right, where you would put the string of the charm through.
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No, the charger for an LG EnV2 is not the same as an LG EnV3 cell phone. The adapter for the EnV2 will fit on the EnV3 but you can damage the phone by doing this ...
The LG EnV Touch is $99 when you sign a new 2-year contract through... ...
You do not have to buy a data package with the LG Env3 cell phone. You will need the data plan if you intend to do any web browsing on the phone, but if not, you ...
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