Does the Moon Reflect Light from the Sun?


The moon reflects light from the sun. We can see the Moon for the reason that light from the Sun bounces it off back to the Earth. The Sun always lights up (illuminates) one side of the Moon and it appears to change shape but what we are actually seeing is the Moon lit up by the light from the Sun in different ways on different days.
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it sounds strange, when stated that way but, 'reflected' here does not mean as a mirror's reflection. anything that you see is reflecting light, and the color you perceive is the
The moon is like a massive mirror. It reflects the sun’s light down to the
The answer is simple - no! Other cultures way before Ialm knew he moon reflected light. Why do muslims make history so complicated? Oh, so they can try and fool others into thinking
Actually, it's not that bright. The Moon reflects a rather low proportion of the Sun's light that falls on it (13.8% If it had, say, Venus' albedo (67% you'd be able to read by
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