Does the US Mail Run Today?


The US Mail will most likely run today, unless it is a National holiday. Some of these Holidays include Christmas, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving.
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The US Postal Service is open for business as usual today, Saturday, May 28,
It must be a lot and be significant for the US economy, I think.
you'll have to ask your post office that question. I don't think anyone on yahoo answers will know that for your location.
I agree with GenePoole about needing a firewall of some sort, but I won't go so far as to say "don't do it". If you are running a business (and it sounds like you are),
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The mail will run on all days except Federal holidays and Sunday. The United States Postal Service does not stop running because of inclement weather. They stay ...
You should have mail delivery from the United States Postal Service, unless, it is a Sunday or a Holiday. The 2011 postal holidays are as follows: 1/1/11, 1/17 ...
The Post Office did deliver mail today, December 8, 2012. The Post Office does not deliver on Sundays or holidays. ...
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