Does Transfer Factor Really Work?


Transfer factor that has been derived from humans seems to be safe when used for up to two years. Transfer factor that is derived from cows seems to be safe when used short-term, up to three months. It can cause fever in some people. Transfer factor given by injection can cause swelling and pain where the injection is given. There is some concern about the possibility of catching "mad cow disease" or other diseases from products that come from animals. "Mad cow disease" has not been transmitted by transfer factor, but it is probably wise to avoid animal products from countries where mad cow disease has been found.
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To determine the gas transfer factor for carbon monoxide, a patient exhales completely, takes a single breath of carbon monoxide and holds his or her breath for 10 seconds. The amount
1. Shop for the product that best fits your needs. You may need to shop at more than one location to find the best product for you. 2. Read the ingredients lists on available products
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