Does UPS Deliver on Saturday?


UPS does deliver on Saturday, but they have a limited amount of drivers. The sender must mark their delivery as a 'Saturday Delivery.' A sticker must be affixed to the box for this service.
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It depends on where you are. lists their Saturday delivery times as between 9AM and "end of day" which can mean anywhere from 5PM to 9PM. It all depends on the destination's
UPS will deliver on Saturdays to most areas for time critical
1) FedEx delivers on Saturdays at extra charge. 2) UPS also delivers on Saturdays at extra charge. This is in connection with our Value Added Services, not available with normal Ground
Depends on the route. Rural perhaps 100. Industrial sometimes 500-700.
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UPS does offer Saturday ground deliver in most states, though many people seem to think otherwise. When ordering or shipping, you will normally have a Saturday shipping option.
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