Does using the air conditioner in the car burn more gas?


Using the air conditioning does require your vehicle to burn more fuel, but it is more efficient than driving with the windows down. Putting the windows down tends to increase drag on most cars, canceling out any measurable gain from turning the A/C off. The increased drag of the car means your vehicle will have to work harder, because of the change in the aerodynamics. Therefore, open windows cause your car to burn more fuel.
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Up for debate-Will lower fuel mileage, but if you take into consideration the increased wind resistance created by having windows open-probably a wash. Up for debate-Will lower fuel
That answer my friend is myth, You do not burn any more gas
The answer here depends on several factors. The most important ones are, 1) How long will you be in the car, and 2) How fast will your car be going. In general, for a short trip to
It's been proven that running the air conditioning does not have a large effect on fuel efficiency. If your considering fuel economy, it's okay to use A/C.
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