Does Vaseline Make Your Hair Grow?


No, Vaseline does not make your hair grow. Vaseline does make your hair stronger, which helps prevent breakage and split ends. Since this product is so greasy, plan to spend extra time shampooing it out of your hair.
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The best way to remove Vaseline from hair is with Dawn dish detergent. It will cut the grease out which will then make it easier to simply shampoo with a regular hair shampoo to finish
1. Use a comb to get as much Vaseline out of your hair. Rinse the comb with hot water after each stroke. Go from a wide to fine tooth if available. 2. Blot your hair area with a paper
You can remove vaseline from your hair by washing it in warm to hot water. The cold water will only make the vaseline worse. You can apply a small amount of cornstarch to the hair
vaseline doesnt make your hair grow. it does however condition your hair from the roots to make the existing hair, and the new hair growing in, healthier, glossier, and probably thicker
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