Does Verizon Have Any New Phones Coming Out?


A source from Verizon leaked photos of a new Blackberry phone called the Blackberry Z10. Some photos and info about the features of the new phone were sent by a source at Verizon to Business Insider within the first week of January 2013. However the official announcement about the Blackberry Z10 will not occur until January 30, 2013.
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In the main medu nder "Settings and Tools" go to "Phone Settings" In that menu find "Security" and press OK. You will be asked for your security code
The iPhone 4 will be available on Verizon's network starting February 10, 2011. Click the related link to be notified when it is available.
1. Activate the new phone by calling Verizon. If you are upgrading from an older phone, call Verizon from the old phone and request that the new phone be authenticated or activated.
Samsung Droid Fascinate is out now and could be worth getting over these two. Also the world version of the Droid 2. Embed Quote
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