Does Vinegar Get Rid of Nits?


Vinegar is used as a home based treatment for nits because its acidity loosens the glue-like substance that nits use to attach to the hair and scalp and hence making it possible to wash them away. It is also used in killing the head lice by first dissolving the exoskeleton and then killing them.
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1. Check the hair carefully for nits. They are usually light in color but may be brown, tan or cream. They are much easier to see on dark hair and are usually located behind the ears
shave your head is probley the worst option because you loose your HAIR !!Or you could try a natural non toxic head lice treament to get rid of nits. Nit nurse is one you could try(
1 Pour vinegar into your hair. Ad 2 Leave it to dry for a few minutes. 3 Wash your hair as usual but use as little shampoo as possible. 4 Repeat washing your hair with vinegar the
Ironically, vinegar is used to remove odors, especially strong ones like pet smells or smoke. Leaving a bowl of vinegar out overnight will remove these smells, although for a short
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