Does Walmart accept food stamps?


It is Walmart's policy to accept food stamps, administered in the form of an Electronic Benefits Transfer or EBT card, at all of its retail locations. It does not, however, accept the EBT card online.

The federal government changed the name of the U.S. food stamp program to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in 2008. According to the Wall Street Journal, Walmart is the retail chain that receives the single greatest economic benefit from SNAP. Americans participating in SNAP spend around 18 percent of their monthly food allowance at Walmart. In fiscal year 2012, this amounted to 14 billion dollars in SNAP benefits spent at Walmart stores.

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Walmart and other similar type of stores probably pay their employees minimum wage (or damn close to it) unless they've worked themselves up in the chain of command. They also tend
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Go talk to your states food stamp bureau. They can help you figure out the process.
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