Does Wal Mart Cash Personal Checks?


No. Wal-Mart does not cash personal checks. However you can write a check to pay for your products and then write the check for a small amount over the total and they will give you the remainder in cash. This can help when you just need a little bit of cash.
Q&A Related to "Does Wal Mart Cash Personal Checks?"
1. Determine if you have the type of checks that can be cashed. Payroll checks, government checks, tax checks and Wal-Mart-issued MoneyGram money orders can be cashed. 2. Locate the
It varies depending on what Wal-Mart location...Where I live, it's ...
The cost to cash checks at Walmart starts at $3. See store for additional details on check cashing.
the 3$ is nearly all profit. the fact that u are in the door means u will spend most if not all of it. have u eve heard of a 'comapny store'? it is walrusmart's long term concept.
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