Does Warm Beer Get You Drunk Faster?


Warm beer might get you drunk just a little bit faster than cold beer. This is because the body warms foods and liquids to body temperature to absorb them. If they are already warm, they are more easily absorbed.
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Budweiser King of Beers alcohol content is 4.82. Bush beer is 5.19. Both of
you imply mexican beer sucks and I am with you on the mexican beer dislike, i would say that budweiser is the way to go, it has the best real taste and is very affordable and doesn't
Malt liquor may have as high or higher than 12% total alcohol. Most beers contain around 4%. Ask us!
If you're talking budlight or coors light, probably around 7. Something like Sam Adams can get me drunk in 4 or so. And then foreign beers like Becks or the stronger beers from Germany
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