Does Warm Beer Get You Drunk Faster?


Warm beer might get you drunk just a little bit faster than cold beer. This is because the body warms foods and liquids to body temperature to absorb them. If they are already warm, they are more easily absorbed.
Q&A Related to "Does Warm Beer Get You Drunk Faster?"
Steel Reserve might do the trick. It has a 7% Alcohol rating. Highest any beer has.
Cause it's the closest substance to your body temprature, that gets easily absorbed into the body.....and voila! that's when you get KO!! Lol!! Try warm japanese sake, and you'll
For the average guy 3 beers or 32 oz., within the hour will get them to a .08 Blood Alcohol Level!
Straw drinking has long been held as a way of getting drunk more quickly. No research has been done as to why but many claim you absorb extra oxygen.
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