Does Whole Foods Accept Food Stamps?


Yes, Whole Foods does accept food stamps. Whole foods is known for their organic and earth friendly products. According to Dave Rosenberg of Whole Foods, they accept EBT cards company wide.
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Most major grocery store chains accept food stamps. Some smaller stores and convienance stores also accept them. There should be a sign posted if they accept them.
1. Look in the government listings under "human services" or "social services" in the phone book to find the food stamp office. Contact them to make an appointment
Pretty much all grocery stores, Publix, Windixie Walmart, Petty's Meat Market also accepts them, 7 eleven, Walgreens, and CVS, only on non cooked items!
The primary difference is price - Draeger's is significantly more expensive. A typical bag at the Downtown Palo Alto Whole Foods is $40 to $45 while at Draegers it runs about $60
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A list of stores that accept food stamps includes 4 Brothers Food Store, Country Corner, QuickTrip and Speedway. Stores that accept food stamps must be approved ...
Most large chain stores that sell grocery items accept food stamps as payment. Generally, Target stores accept food stamps in their Super Target stores. However, ...
Costco does accept food stamps. The company felt that with the growing number of people eligible for food stamps, it was beneficial to begin accepting them at ...
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