How do you define Y as a function of X?


The equation x + y = 9 does not define y as a function of x. If the equation were written y= 9-x, it would be expressing y as a function of x.
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B. For y to be defined as a function of x, it must meet several criteria, including: - the numerical expression must be an equality or inequality - the expression must include both
It means you should rearrange the equation so that x is on one side of the equal sign, and everything else on the other, with no "x" on the right side of the equation. For
The exponent of each term in the equation is
Hi kee, you dont need to take the square root of both sides to find the domain. y = sqrt(x^2 - 9) To find the domain, you take the equation in radical and set it <= to zero (x
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