Does Zak Bagans have a girlfriend?


Conflicting stories have arisen about Zak Bagans' relationships. Before he created Ghost Adventures, Bagans was a DJ living in Nevada with a girlfriend named Liza. They are rumored to have broken up, and he is currently being linked to Christine Dolce.
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There is no pic of this girl on his twitpic. Also his myspace says he's single. But check out Christine Dolce's recent tweets. They both twitter flirting like crazy! Not to mention
Who is zak bagans girlfriend? There is no pic of this girl on his twitpic. Also his
Zak Bagans has 7 tattoos: Dracula's Cross on his right wrist, a Celtic cross on his left arm, a winged skull on his back, and unknown others. report this answer. Answered by kgb agent
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