How to Can & Freeze Grape Juice?


Grape juice is made by selecting the best grapes and crushing them. Start by boiling them first and strain the liquid into a container then leave it for about 24 hours. The following day transfer the juice into a different container and throw away the residue. Tightly close the container and freeze it.
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1. Wash and de-stem grapes. Discard any less perfect ones. 2. Place the grapes in a nylon mesh bag. 3. Hold the bag over a bowl and crush the grapes with your fingers. While you are
The time depends on the amount of juice. if its only a cup then 2-3 hours should have it mainly frozen but a gallon could take you over 15 hours.
Grape juice has a high concentration of sugar, which lowers the freezing point. If your freezer is only at 32 degrees F, or 0 C, then it will not freeze. It will keep fine however
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In my experience, it would be best to use a punch recipe that doesn't stain. It would be best to stay away from anything purple grape based. A good non-alcoholic ...
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